Ikumi Nagase

Character Image

Character Stats:

Organization:Wraiths of the Maelstrom [WM]
Role:Squire to Captain Jocelyn Leroux
Alignment:Chaotic Good
Gender:Trans woman
Likes:Melody, her sisters, romance novels, strawberry shakes, cuddles
Dislikes:Fighters, brawlers, white mantle, gin


Ikumi is the youngest of the three Nagase sisters. With Asami in the mists and Nayumi on the streets, Ikumi was forced to learn how to care for herself and the house she was left with. She became an excellent cook, a pretty good cleaner, and a great handy-woman because of her adversity. However, the crippling loneliness soon caught up to her and depression hit hard. She was scarcely able to leave the house let alone hold down a job and soon she found herself in dire circumstances.

Nayumi was able to help out some but her help came at a cost and with very little income between them things soon fell into disarray with Ikumi having to sell off several family heirlooms just to make do. It was one year before Asami came back and was able to start taking steady jobs to support her younger sister.

She's recently found some self-confidence and direction, becoming a squire to a Lionguard Captain and finding a supportive and wonderful girlfriend. While things look good for her, she'll always have that feeling in the back of her head that her perfect little life could go away just as it had before.

Crit %5%
Crit Damage167%
Condition Damage0
Healing Power1347
Condition Duration 0%
Boon Duration75.53%
RunesSuperior Rune of Water

Additional Effects

  • • Rune: 25% chance when struck to remove a condition. (Cooldown: 30s)
  • • Rune: When you use a heal skill, you and nearby allies are healed for a small amount. (Cooldown: 10s)
  • • Sigil: 10% Outgoing healing