Nayumi Nagase

Character Image

Character Stats:

Alignment:Chaotic Neutral
Gender:Cis woman
Likes:Bartending, fine spirits, Descartes
Dislikes:Boring patrons, lending, Descartes


Nayumi is the eldest of the Nagase sisters. Her birth mother left when she was young so she was raised primarily by her father and step mother. While her father was alive she was trained with a sword and to follow in his footsteps as a smuggler. He showed how to hide goods, taught her how to obtain information, and how to make someone bleed.

After her father was arrested, she left home and became a bartender and an escort. She was able to make enough coin to buy herself a nice little house in Rurikton and even help Ikumi when she needed it. After a year of working the two jobs she bought herself a little bar and tried to settle down. This would be short lived as the shady clientele of her bar brought her right back into the game and soon her lowly bar was the hot spot for con artists and smugglers. The seraph eventually got wise and raided her place. After a few months in a seraph cell she was let go, without any contacts or any work she decided to make the Coin her home.

The past couple years have settled her out a bit and Nayumi looks to be getting on the strait and narrow. She bought a farm, she's working honest jobs, and she's no longer cavorting with smugglers and prostitutes. Yes, things are certainly looking good for Nayumi.

Crit %35.14%
Crit Damage157%
Condition Damage1597
Healing Power0
Condition Duration 59.8%
Boon Duration0%
RunesSuperior Rune of the Renegade

Additional Effects

  • • Rune: 7% Condition damage
  • • Trait: 10% Condition damage